Satsalike Mountain

Satsalike Mountain

Ambrolauri is a municipality located in the Racha region, famed for its incredible natural beauty and its large number of historical monuments. It would be impossible to visit this region and not fall in love with its gentle, embracing mountains, mist-shrouded greenery, and, in autumn, the fall foliage wrapping the entire area in a fiery intensity. While visiting this region, a visit to Satsalike Mountain is a must. This limestone mountain is not only a fantastic place to take in the panoramic views of the area, but is also an attractive hiking destination.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

Where Is Satsalike Mountain Located?

Satsalike Mountain stands at a height of 1,996 metres above sea level and acts as the border between the regions of Racha and Imereti.

The mountain’s northwestern slopes head towards Shaori Lake and stand out for the karst formations that dot it. At the base of the mountain, covered in subalpine greenery, is Satsalike Pass.

The Views from Satsalike Mountain

From the heights of this dolomitic limestone mountain, two of Georgia’s most beautiful regions, Racha and Imereti, are laid out before you in all their splendour. 

The mountain is also a popular hiking destination in spring and autumn. In the springtime, the trees are covered with greenery, while in autumn, the area is cast in shades of orange and gold.

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