Schuchmann Wines Château, Villas & SPA

Schuchmann Wines Château, Villas & SPA

Schuchmann Wines Château, in the village of Kisiskhevi in the heart of Kakheti Region, has been inviting visitors to take a tour through the world of their wines for more than a decade now. The complex, which includes a hotel, restaurant, wine bar, wine spa, and private villas, is well-known for its wine therapy procedures. The therapists at Schuchmann Wines Château perform a variety of unique procedures, and the organic products used for massages and therapy are made on-site, using grapes from Schuchmann Wines Château’s own vineyards.

Wine Therapy and Procedures

The Schuchmann Wine Spa offers a wide selection of therapies and procedures, including grape pip oil and mud therapy, hot Saperavi wine masks, facial cleansing, massages with tears of wine, and more. You can also take hot baths in Saperavi, Mukuzani, and Cabernet Sauvignon here.

Grape pip oil has a moisturising and an antioxidant effect, softening the skin and promoting greater elasticity. 

The Schuchmann Wines Spa offers various types of massages, such as relaxation massage, aromatic massage, hot stone massage, massage with vineyard canes, and more.

What Makes Schuchmann Wines SPA Unique?

The Schuchmann Wines complex has everything needed for an unforgettable vacation. After your wine therapy, you can bathe in your choice of open or closed pools, soak in a jacuzzi, and make use of the sports hall and games arena.

All of this is set above the grand backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains and the green rows of vineyards all around.

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