The Ancient Settlement of Gogichaant Ghele (Nadikrebi)

The Ancient Settlement of Gogichaant Ghele (Nadikrebi)

If you are interested in ancient settlements, then during your Georgia trip you should visit Gogichaant Ghele (also known as Nadikrebi), a majestic archaeological site located near the village of Chobiskhevi in the Borjomi Municipality.

The History of Nadikrebi Ancient Settlement

The stone halls of this fascinating site are composed of two stages of construction: pre-Christian and Christian. 

The megalithic structures, constructed by arranging boulders, are an example of secular medieval (11th-13th centuries) architecture, extraordinary in its monumentality and construction technique. 

The buildings, used for different purposes, are separated by function – agricultural, residential, and religious. The grape press, chacha distillers, oil filters, cowshed, grain bins, and living areas in the agricultural buildings are of especial importance. 

It is likely that the residence of a wealthy local feudal lord was also in this place.

Complexes with a similar structure may be found frequently in some regions of Georgia, but the “halls” of Chobiskhevi stand out for their distinctive construction techniques and sheer size.

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