Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum

Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum

For lovers of Georgian history, the Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum offers an invaluable glimpse into ancient Gurian life. Located in Dvabzu Village, it is a fascinating museum that brings to life the lives of our ancestors.

The museum’s pride and joy is unquestionably its display depicting a complete house built in the style the ancient Gurians would have used. This adorable little house is notable for its ornamental handrail, as well as the precise recreation of the cooking area, barn, granary, wine cellar, and well that accompanied such houses. 

These kinds of houses were once commonplace across Western Georgia, with these farmsteads home to the Gurian people, often referred to as the sharpest tricksters in all of Georgia.

You will also see some things here that only Gurians would know, such as ojinjalas, Chechos, Kardalas, wooden sachechelis, and orkopes.

Like many museums in Georgia, the museum is named for an influential Georgian whose personal effects are also kept within. Shalva Radiani (1904 - 1977) was a Georgian writer and scholar of Georgian literature. On display within the museum are photos from his life, as well as furniture, crockery, and farming tools used by the great man during his life.

If Georgian history interests you, a visit to the Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum will prove a delight.

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