Shovi - Lake Udziro - village Glola

30 kilometers away from Oni Town in Racha Region, at 1,600 meters above sea level, you can take one of the best trekking routes in this area. It starting from the Shovi resort.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

Distance, difficulty, and time

The 18-kilometer route is of medium difficulty and is designed as a two-day trek. 

In the first 2 kilometers from Shovi, you cross the ridge covered with mixed forest and discover a beautiful picnic and camping spot. Further up, the path crosses the valley of the Chkhocha river and leads to the highest point of the route, a pass south of the peak of Dolomisi at 3,260 meters above sea level. Be careful on this section of the loose gravel road because the last 800-meter part of the trail is steep.

One kilometer away from the pass, the trail descends to Udziro Lake, one of the best camping spots in the area. Take your camping gear with you to spend the night there!

Begin the second day with a descent from Udziro Lake to Glola Village. The ground at the beginning of the trail is also rocky and loose, but you reach the ridge quickly, and from there it’s easier to go down. From here to the village of Glola, you only walk through forest areas. 

Hike along this route in warm, sunny weather. Fog and rain make it difficult to move through the pass. 

Environment, nature, and sites

Lake Udziro is located between the peaks of Katistsveri and Dolomisi. The dense forests, flowering fields, and unforgettable views of the Dolomisi pass attract many visitors to the Racha region every year.

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