Sisa Tura Ethno-village

Sisa Tura Ethno-village

If ethno-tourism attracts you and you want to see the old Samegrelo, visit the ethnographic "Sisa Tura" village, in Chkhoria village, 11 km from Zugdidi, on Mestia road.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Medieval Megrelian houses spread over three hectares, where every item tells you about the culture and traditions of Samegrelo. Chronologically, according to the stages of development, all types of residential and auxiliary buildings are represented in this yard.

Megrelian traditions start as soon as you enter through the gate when the hosts of the ethno-village meet you to offer Megrelian fruit vodka - Dirfa. Bless the hosts, empty the glass of vodka and knock three times on the hanging horse's skull.

They have everything from the past life of a middle-class Megrelian family, such as a storage place for clay vessels for wine in the ground - Okhvameri and a building made of logs without a single nail, which used to serve as a shrine to the Tuta deity.

Take a boat ride in the artificial lake of "Sisa Tura," go fishing, grind corn in a water mill, learn about culinary traditions, eat dishes prepared with ecological products and listen to Mingrelian folklore.

When it’s time to say goodbye to your hosts and you close the gate behind you, look back fondly on those memories and traditions.


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