Ski Tour: Hatsvali-Zuruldi-Tsvirmi

The Hatsvali-Zuruldi-Tsvirmi Route, like other ski tour routes in Svaneti, is recommended only for those who have experience in off-piste skiing. It is highly recommended to hire a certified ski guide. This route is ideal for beginners.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


Mestia, the administrative center of Svaneti, is located on the banks of the Mestiachala and Mulkhura Rivers, 1,500 meters above sea level, with the Banguriani Ridge watching over the town from the northeast. 

Another destination along the route is Tsvirmi village, 21 kilometers away from the center of Mestia, located on the right and left banks of the Patara Enguri River, just 1,641 meters above sea level.

The Route

The route starts at the bottom of the Hatsvali Cable Car in Mestia, 1,428 meters above sea level. Take the cable car up to Hatsvali and pass through a forest on the way to Zuruldi Ridge. After climbing 9p8 meters, you will find yourself on Zuruldi Ridge, which you follow along a flat path directly towards the north.

From the highest point of Zuruldi Ridge at 2,336 meters high, head back down the predetermined path towards the Tsvirmi community where you end.  The total vertical meters you ski is 696 meters. Afterward, take a car back to Mestia.

What to Keep in Mind

You will need an SUV to get back to Mestia from the final location on the route.

Make sure you have ski tour skis, an avalanche kit, an avalanche transmitter, a spade, a probe, and other essential items.

There is a unified subscription service for cable cars at the mountain/ski resorts of Georgia. With a single multi-day ticket, you can use the cable cars at Goderdzi, Mestia, ski-resort Gudauri, and Bakuriani. Hotels are only available in Mestia so make sure to book accordingly.

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