Georgia is a popular destination for snow-lovers from across the world, with the always-improving Goderdzi Resort one of Georgia’s most interesting ski destinations. With its high-quality powder and variety of ski trails, Goderdzi offers everything you need for a ski vacation. However, Goderdzi Resort is not just for skiers! Lovers of alpine hiking, extreme sports, and exploring a winter wonderland will find plenty to do here too.
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Nature at Goderdzi Resort

Located 109 kilometers from Batumi and 252 kilometers from Tbilisi, Goderdzi Resort is well worth the long drive. In the winter months, with drifts of snow as high as seven meters, getting to the resort is a particularly adventurous task, with snow plows required to clear the road to this alpine paradise.

Goderdzi is situated at a height of 2,025 meters above sea level, with its highest point soaring to 2,350 meters. Unlike most other Georgian mountain resorts, Goderdzi is quite close to the sea, making for beautiful sunsets that glitter on the dark waters of the Black Sea. The region is characterized by beautiful springs, cool summers, vibrantly coloured autumns, and extremely snowy winters that last from December through until mid-April.

This immense natural beauty makes Goderdzi Resort a worthwhile visit at any time of year.

Mountain/Ski Resort

As a ski resort, Goderdzi has it all. While intermediate-level trails make up the lion’s share of the trails (71.5%), advanced (26%), and beginner-level (2.5%) ones are also on offer. Quite simply, there is something for everybody at Goderdzi, with even the most inexperienced skier having access to a 200-meter beginner run to practice on.

Like many Georgian ski resorts, Goderdzi also offers the opportunity for freeride skiing. Freeriding is skiing on snow that has not been tended to or otherwise shaped by man. Advanced skiers can experience the thrill of flying through dense pine forests, snow-covered meadows, and even through villages half-buried in the snow!

There are two cable cars at Goderdzi Resort - an eight-seater gondola and a six-seater cushioned chair-lift. Like all major ski resorts in Georgia, Goderdzi is included in the unified subscription system, meaning you can use the same multi-day pass to access cable cars at Mestia, Gudauri, or Bakuriani as well.

Goderdzi – Spring, Summer, and Fall Vacations

As we mentioned, Goderdzi is a true four-season resort. Georgians love to visit this beautiful corner of their country throughout the year for hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and touring the region’s many historic sites.

Some of the more popular landmarks in the Goderdzi region include a breathtakingly beautiful fossil forest, picturesque Green Lake, historic Khikhani Fortress, and the alpine gardens of Shkernali.

Couples looking for romantic landscapes, adventure travelers, and families with young children can all find something to fall in love with in Goderdzi. What’s not to love about bracing mountain air, delicious Adjarian cuisine, hospitable locals, and the breathtaking natural beauty that is the Adjara region’s signature?

Goderdzi has hotels, holiday rentals, and several restaurants, with nearby Danisparauli Village also having family-run hotels for those on a budget or looking to experience Georgian hospitality first hand.

So, whether you’re an experienced skier, a family looking for a mountain escape, or a couple looking for a romantic alpine getaway, Goderdzi has you covered.

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