Ski Tour in Bakhmaro - Sunset Hill

Bakhmaro is a resort situated 2,050 meters above sea level, and is known to attract ski tourists who can enjoy several different routes. To the southwest, Bakhmaro is overlooked by the Sakaria Ridge from the relatively small Bakhmaro summit, which is also known as “Sunset Hill.”

Main Information

Time: 1-2 hours

Elevation: 220 meters


The walking route starts in the southwestern part of Bakhmaro, 1,928 meters above sea level, from which you travel towards Sunset Hill, which is 2.8 kilometers away and 2,148 meters above sea level. The route follows Bukhnari Street, and goes through a forest as well as the old quarter of Bakhmaro. To return to Bakhmaro, take the eastern slope, which will take 40-50 minutes. 

It is desirable to reach the mountain top before sunset of course. If you are lucky enough to visit in good weather, then you can see the sun going down over the Black Sea. During winter time, this is an especially spectacular sight. 


You must have a certified guide with you, who will decide whether the slope is fit for skiing. The guide will also check the readiness of your equipment and give you directions. 

Similar to other routes in and around Bakhmaro, on Sunset Hill you need to have a beeper and other essential safety equipment required for a ski tour. 

If you do not have the required equipment, then you can rent them in Bakhmaro, such as GPS devices, beepers, and spades. 


In order to take this tour, you will need to stay overnight in Bakhmaro where you can rent a wooden cottage. Residences here are mainly heated with firewood. Due to heavy snowfall in the area, the water supply comes from from water reservoirs. However, during the winter season, locals leave the village so its supermarkets are closed, meaning you will need to supply your own food. 

The average temperature during the winter in Bakhmaro is -5 C.

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