Ski Touring in Svaneti (Ushguli, Becho, Mestia)

Georgia is the kind of country that doesn’t just fascinate you with its ancient historical monuments, but also captivates you with its outstanding natural beauty. It’s hard to find a region in Georgia with the same kind of skiing opportunities as Svaneti. In addition to the famous ski resorts of Mestia - Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, Svaneti offers skiing locations with untouched snow and majestic views. This is one of the best places for ski tours in which skiers climb to the highest point of the ski course on foot.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Should You Know about the Ski Tour Routes?

There are dozens of ski tours to be found in every village and community in Svaneti, allowing you to choose the one best suited to your level of skill and experience. Keep in mind that hiring a professional guide is a must, since they know the routes best and understand the potential dangers you will encounter as part of your tour.

It is common for people to visit Svaneti and ski over untouched snow on almost every mountain and pass for seven to nine days during a ski tour. You’ll need proper gear, shoes, eyeglasses, a buff, and a good technical understanding of mountaineering to avoid any potential injuries.

Ski Tour Route: Becho

Becho is a community of Mestia, located at the foot of Ushba Mountain. You can reach Becho with a ski tour route at Guli Pass, which separated Mestia and Becho. You can also set up a tour in the village of Tvebishi, on the northern slopes of Detsili Mountain, or at Layla Massif.

During your ski tour, you will have views of Ushba, the Caucasus Mountains, the Svaneti Range, and Becho Village.

Ski Tour Route: Ushguli

Ushguli is one of the most popular places for ski tour enthusiasts. The routes in the region start from the main road and continue upwards to 3,000 metres above sea level. There are ski routes of all difficulties here, with Ushguli famed for its high-quality snow and the captivating views of the ancient Svan towers in the centuries-old settlements.

Ski Tour Route: Mestia

There are numerous ski tour routes from the villages around Mestia, including tours from the picturesque villages of Mazeri and Tskhumari. You can also visit the popular Tetnuldi and Hatsvali ski resorts for ski tours around Mestia.

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