Sno Fortress

Sno Fortress

Everyone should see the beautiful peaks of Kazbegi and Chiukhi Massif at least once in their life. It is impossible to get here and not admire the nature of this amazing land, wrapped in a thick layer of beautiful legends.

Where is Sno Fortress Located?

If you will decide to travel to Kazbegi municipality, then you should definitely pay a visit to the quaint mountainous village of Sno. where the imposing fortification known as Sno Fortress stands to this day as a silent testament to more troubled times.

This small, solid, and inaccessible fortress stands on a cliff in the village of Sno, a short drive from Stepantsminda. The fortress is surrounded by mountains and offers an impressive view of Kazbegi Mountain. 

The Historical Past of Sno Fortress

In the past, Sno Fortress acted as the valley’s main defensive fortification, where the inhabitants of the village could defend themselves during invasions.

It is unknown who built the 16th-century fortress, but its placement at the edge of the village was ideally chosen. The fortress allowed its holder to control the Sno River Valley and the roads that led to Khevshureti, Pshavi, and Mtiuleti through the Gudamakari Valley.

The Structure of Sno Fortress

Built of crushed stone and black slate, the fortress is composed of one tower and an almost completely circular wall with gunports and murder holes. Defenders would try to repulse the enemy by shooting from the gunports, but if the enemy made it to the base of the fortress, the murder holes were used to drop rocks atop them.

While not the largest or most storied fortress in Georgia, Sno Fortress is nonetheless worth a visit.

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