Snowshoeing in Bakhmaro, Sunset Hill

Being one of Georgia’s so far most untouched resorts, Bakhmaro should interest fans of extreme and adventure sports activities, especially in winter. Here, a wide selection of ski and hiking routes is delightfully complemented by delicious local cuisine and beautiful views, including of the small but spectacular peak of “Sunset Hill”. Witnessing one of Bakhmaro's beautiful sunsets can be a great reward for those who will take a snowshoe tour to reach the top of the hill.

What Does a Snowshoe Tour Entail?

Even people who do not know how to ski or do not have ski equipment can take part in the snowshoe tour. Wearing snowshoes rather than skis, they can see an extraordinary sunset on the mountains of Bakhmaro. 

Location and Climate

Bakhmaro Climatic Resort is located in Chokhatauri municipality on the Ajara-Guria Mountain Range, 2,050 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, the fabled Sunset Hill is a small Bakhmaro peak on Sakasria Ridge.

Seeing the sunset over the Black Sea from Bakhmaro is an unforgettable experience at any time of year, but is particularly impressive in winter. At this time of year, the snow can mount up to four or five meters high.

The Route

In winter, the road for vehicles to Bakhmaro is closed, and the last point you can reach by vehicle is the village of Chkhakoura, 910 meters above sea level. From that village to Bakhmaro the distance is just 10 kilometers, which can be traveled in 30 minutes by snowmobile.

Once you reach Bakhmaro, at 1,928 meters above sea level, the walking path begins. From there, Sunset Hill is 2.8 kilometers away, at a height of 2,148 meters above sea level.

The path follows Bukhnari Street, passing through the old quarter of Bakhmaro, before leading up to the mountain. It takes 60-80 minutes to reach Sunset Hill’s peak from Bakhmaro.

For taking the tour, you will need proper winter boots and a pair of special equipment called - snowshoes.


From start to finish, this is a two-day journey, so it will be a necessary joy to spend the night in Bakhmaro, where wooden cottages can be rented.

The houses are generally heated by a firewood stove in winter. With no markets and heavy snow, visitors are strongly advised to bring their own food and water.

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