Sololaki, Galaktioni St. 22

At the end of the 19th century, a kind of stylization of national themes appeared in the architecture of Tbilisi. It is not considered a stage in architectural development necessarily, but rather a return to their own “architectural roots” in the country which had been seized by the Russian Empire. As noted by the Georgian scientist, Vakhtang Beridze, “There was a word spoken loudly… spoken in the capital of Georgia, where Georgians had for a long time been unable to consider themselves the masters.”

History of the Building

The three-story residential house on Sololaki, Galaktioni St. 22, was built by architect Albert Salzmann, and is an early example of the so-called “Georgian Style”.

The Architecture of the Building

The façade décor of the building is based on medieval Georgian themes, although some places have been remodeled. The composition of the ornamentation and the decorated cornices above the façade are masterfully done and show the professionalism of the architect. 

On this historical street, the building sticks out like a sore thumb decked out in Georgian décor while surrounded by eclectic and some modern-style residential houses.

It truly stands out to foreign visitors, but to us, it looks and feels like home. 

The Building Today

The building retains its original function and is home to a few families.

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