Georgian souvenirs

Georgian souvenirs

To keep hold of good memories, many of us preserve items that immediately make us recall those pleasant moments. It would be impossible to visit one of the oldest countries of the world, rich in traditions and exceptionally hospitable, and leave without some of such memories. To help you remember them, you will find numerous souvenir stalls across the cities, towns, and villages of Georgia, which will rekindle the emotions you felt on your Georgian adventure. 

Diversity of Souvenirs 

Georgia is distinguished by a variety of souvenirs. If you loved Georgian cuisine and products and want to remember them (such as churchkhela, Georgian spices, or dried fruits), just take them with you!    

If taking some wine back home, be sure to get a kantsi (drinking horn) for it as well. Indeed, who of your friends wouldn’t be amazed by the prospect of drinking wine from a horn? When opting for something to remind you of Georgian traditional dishes, purchase a traditional clay pot or plate. You will also find clay jugs for wine on the counters as well, which make a nice addition to the dinner table.  

When setting the table, why not pick up tablecloths covered in Georgian ornaments or letters, to surprise and even educate your guests?  

With respect to traditional clothes or accessories, the hats, caps, and Georgian jewelry can remind you of many aspects of Georgian culture, especially its sensational dancing.   

Another amazing Georgian souvenir for your home would be a traditional woven carpet, bringing an exotic flavor to your interior. 

You can also purchase souvenirs of various types in Tbilisi and every region of Georgia with the national cultural and historical images, be it the five-cross flag, a map of Georgia, tiny sculptures, decorative plates, pieces of enamel jewelry minankari, or simply fridge magnets.   

Take Georgia Home With You!

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