St. Andrew’s Waterfall and Statue

St. Andrew’s Waterfall and Statue

Are you interested in visiting the place where Christianity made its first tentative steps onto the European continent? Where Jesus’ first disciple, Andrew, baptized the first Christians? Then you’ll want to make the pilgrimage to Sarpi, Ajara, close to the border with Turkey.

Saint Andrew came to Europe through Ajara in order to spread Christianity. According to legend, Sarpi village is where Andrew rested after his long and tiring journey, and a waterfall sprang from the cliffs there to quench his thirst. This waterfall is called St. Andrew’s Waterfall today, and just like it did for Andrew the First-Called, it is still quenching the thirst of travelers today.

A statue dedicated to Saint Andrew stands next to the waterfall today, expressing his stern, strong, and loving nature. There is also a throne carved from stone here, where sightseers can sit and take a photo by the inscription that reads, “Here is where Jesus’ disciple Andrew first preached Christianity”.

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