St. George's Church in Gogni

Gogni's St. George Church is standing on a high hill 12 kilometers away from Terjola city in Imereti Region. Twice a year, on May 6 and November 23, many pilgrims visit this 1500-year-old church to celebrate St. George’s Day.

According to legend, St. George sent a small bird to an elderly man from Gogni village, ordering him to build a shrine in his honor. The villagers got together and fulfilled the saint’s wish. Once they finished the construction and finally installed the door, the door suddenly fell and kept doing it despite all their efforts. Because of this, the shrine was called "Karugdeli" - “doorless”.

This is the only church in Georgia that has no door, so it is welcoming worshippers anytime. 

The locals believe that those who enter the temple three times on St. George’s Day will have their prayers and wishes fulfilled. That’s why on May 6 and November 23, hundreds of people are walking to the temple to pray - most of them barefoot, showing their humility in front of higher powers.

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