Sulda Wetlands

In Javakheti National Park, you’ll find stunning lakes, towering mountain ranges, and a variety of exotic wildlife. In the park, just two and a half kilometres from Sulda Village, you’ll find the protected Sulda Wetlands. This 309 hectare park within a park is a vital conservation preserve for a large variety of waterbirds, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

What Will You See at Sulda Wetlands Managed Reserve?

The Sulda Wetlands are an ideal destination for both hikers and bird watchers. 

Hikers can enjoy the fantastic five kilometre trail that wends its way through the wetlands. The route begins in Miasnikiani Village and ends at the Wetlands themselves.

Birdwatchers will fall in love with this gorgeous reserve, especially during the spring and autumn migrations. 

This area is home to Dalmatian pelicans (Pelecanus crispus), great white pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus), white storks (Ciconia Ciconia), black storks (Ciconia nigra), great white egrets (Egretta alba), dabbling ducks (Anas spp), corncrakes (Crex crex), Eurasian coots, many species of heron, and a few varieties of gulls and sparrows. 

Rest and Relaxation at Sulda Managed Reserve

In addition to hiking and birdwatching, there are a variety of other activities available within the reserve, including horseback tours or fishing in the reserve dam.

In nearby Sulda Village, you can stay the night at a family-run hotel and enjoy the famous Meskhetian hospitality.

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