Tabatskuri Lake

Tabatskuri Lake

Birds bob happily on a cerulean lake whose waters reflect the towering mountains, horses graze on the shores, and quaint homes jut out onto the lake - if this sounds like your idea of paradise, you should pay a visit to Tabatskuri Lake.

How Do You Get to Tabatskuri Lake?

This amazing slice of idyllic rural charm is located within the Ktsia-Tabatskuri Protected Area, with the village Tabatskuri built on a small peninsula that juts out onto the lake.

It is the largest lake in Georgia by volume of water (221 million cubic meters) and is located 2,000 meters above sea level, fed by snow, rain, and ground waters.

There are two ways to reach the village, one from Bakuriani, one from the Akhalkalaki side. If you’re coming from Bakuriani, then you will come through Tskhratskaro Pass, where you’ll have a truly breathtaking view of the surrounding region. Make sure you choose an SUV car for this road! The Tbilisi - Tsalka - Akhalkalaki highway is much easier to drive on.

What to do around Tabatskuri Lake

Tabatskuri Lake can be a place for a number of outdoor activities, including bike, horseback, and walking tours but, if you prefer to relax on your vacation, you can simply camp in the forest around the lake.

The best season for hiking starts in May and continues through until the end of November.

The lake is completely frozen over from the end of December until the end of March. At this time you can take a snowmobile from Bakuriani and ride it over the frozen surface.

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