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Tabatskuri - Tavkvetili - Levani Lake - Abuli Lake - Abuli fortress - Gandzani

Samtskhe-Javakheti is one of the most diverse and mystical parts of Georgia, with its lakes, mountains, villages, traditions, and oldest historical monuments all afforded protected status.   

Day 1 - Tabatskuri-Tavkvetili – Levani’s Lake

The tour starts in Tabatskuri, a high mountainous village, located at 1,990-2,040 m above sea level and beautiful at all times of year.    

The village is 60 km from Borjomi, cut into the shores of the glorious Tabatskuri Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the country (maximum depth – 40.2m). 

Tabatskuri Lake is home toa large population of white-headed ducks and there is a special path in the adjacent village devoted to observing them.    

During migration, which starts in late summer and lasts for a couple of months, Tabatskuri Lake provides a perfect pit-stop for birds on their way south. Thereafter. the lake usually freezes in December and remains that way until the end of March. 


Having passed the wonderful Tabatskuri Lake, you will soon approach Levani’s Lake. To get there, you must traverse the Abul-Samsari Ridge and cross the volcanic mountain of Tavkvetili. Here, you reach 2,583 m above sea level and can enjoy amazing views, with the slopes covered by alpine flowers in the spring. 

Levani’s Lake

Having passed Tavkvetili Mountain, you then reach Levani’s Lake next to Godorebi Mountain. The lake is the highest in Javakheti at 2,565 m above sea level. Its water is clear and apparently you see mist on the horizon, then exciting revelations await.  

There are many places to set up camp at Levani’s Lake and stay overnight.

Day 2 – Abuli Lake - Gandzani

The next stop is Abuli Lake, which is smaller than Levani’s Lake in size but equally abundant in memorable impressions. It is located 2,176 m above sea level, with the maximum depth reaching 1.4 m. A very peaceful setting, only a thunderstorm can break the blissful silence here.      

Gandzani Village

You then approach the village of Gandzani from Abuli Lake, which is 2,020-2,070 m above sea level on both sides of the Paravani River. Two Georgian churches and one Armenian church dating back to the13th-14th centuries remain in Gandzani.

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