Tbilisi Art Fair

Tbilisi Art Fair

Each spring, art dealers and afficionados descend upon the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, to attend the Tbilisi Art Fair. Founded in 2018 to make it easier for art collectors and artists, as well as to allow art buyers, galleries, and art connoisseurs to network, the festival is a celebration of all forms of art.

Visitors to the Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF) can expect to see the works of artists practicing the modern visual arts in a special workshop format at ExpoGeorgia, while also having the opportunity to speak with the artists directly. There are also live performances and hands-on workshops to help enrich your appreciation of the various visual arts.

The fair attracts people from all facets of the art community, bringing together the art of artists from across the Black, Caspian, and Baltic Sea. It acts as a vital platform from which young and emerging artists can make an impression on the art world.

Notable galleries from both eastern and western Europe have attended the Tblisi Art Fair, including Kornfeld (Germany), NK (Belgium), Kultur Dialog (Armenia), Valid Foto (Spain), Rooster (Lithuania), Yarat (Azerbaijan), Dawid Radziszewski, Raster, Czulosc (Poland), Mojdeh (Iran), Nivet-Carzon, Bernard Jordan (France), Stephan Stoyanov (Bulgaria), Art Rooms (Turkey), Project Art Beat, ERTI, Window Project, Baia, TBC Gallery, Vernissage, Nectar, Chardin (Georgia), and more.

 “The Tbilisi Art Fair has brought back the joy of buying art”, writes Erik Schlosser, the art director of TAF. Schlosser worked for the European Union as a cultural advisor for a number of years and has abundant experience with international projects, so you can take his word for it!

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