Tbilisi Ashkenazi Synagogue

Tbilisi Ashkenazi Synagogue

Kote Abkhazi Street, the heart of Tbilisi and its most bustling tourist center, is a shining example of Georgian multiculturalism. It is here that you’ll find not only the Sephardic, but also an Ashkenazi Synagogue, in a yard surrounded by old-style Tbilisi houses. It is also called the Beit Rachel Synagogue and the Ashkenazi Beit Knesset Synagogue, and has more than a century of history.

The History and Architecture of the Synagogue

Ashkenazi Synagogue was first built in 1910 by the Jewish immigrants from Iran and Kurdistan. During the Soviet Period, when they were forcibly resettled outside of the country, the building changed hands to the Ashkenazi Jews.

The synagogue is composed of prayer and festival halls, as well as a women’s gallery, where women pray. It is decorated with colorful stained-glass windows. 

Religious Services

The synagogue is still in active use. You can celebrate Jewish holidays and attend prayers and ritual feasts there, or just spend a little time in peace. 

An Interesting Fact

The 10th-11th-century Jewish manuscript called the Lailashi Torah is kept in the National Centre of Manuscripts in Tbilisi. It was called a priceless treasure by historians.

Lailashi is a village in Lechkhumi, where a Jewish settlement used to be, and they kept that book in the synagogue.


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