Tbilisi Auto Museum

Tbilisi Auto Museum

The best collections are like time machines that transport you to another era while bringing their details vividly to life right before your eyes. One example is at 7 Automuseum str. in Tbilisi's Isani-Samgori neighborhood, where vintage Soviet cars are on display.

What Tbilisi Auto Museum has to offer?

Step into the courtyard and you’re instantly flooded with curiosity. The museum's director, who also happens to be the tour guide, will enthusiastically recount stories about the Soviet era and the origins of each vehicle. 

Visit the auto museum to witness the Soviets' accomplishments and learn about engineering, aerodynamics, engine, and the history of the displayed cars. The GAZ-M1 and GAZ-4 pickup trucks are two extremely rare exhibits, as there are only five more of these vehicles in the rest of the world.

The most well-known piece in the museum's collection is the GAZ M20 "Pobeda-Phaeton,"  manufactured between 1947 and 1953. The 1928 "Ford-A" and the BMW R35 motorcycle (1937-1940) are two more examples of foreign vehicles on display in the museum. 

Discover which vehicles the Communist Party Central Committee officials and regular Soviet citizens drove. Pay close attention to the differences between their vehicles, this serves as a historical travel road map through the Soviet era. 

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