Tbilisi Baroque Festival

Tbilisi Baroque Festival

Music has a language all of its own, inspiring us and conjuring up all manner of emotions. When you listen to the music of Bach, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Corelli, Telemann, and others, it’s almost as if you have traveled back in time to when these centuries-old tunes told their stories for the first time. At the annual Tbilisi Baroque Festival, you’ll have the opportunity to savor this magical symphony, as world-class musicians playing on authentic instruments in the style of the Baroque period perform for your pleasure.

How Did the Tbilisi Baroque Festival Come About?

The music of the great Baroque composers is no less popular today than it was in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The founder of the first, and so far only, Baroque music festival in the South Caucasus is the Tbilisi State Chamber Orchestra, Georgian Sinfonietta, which purchased authentic Baroque-era musical instruments to become the first Baroque orchestra in all of the Caucasus.

Who Has Participated in the Tbilisi Baroque Festival?

In the years since its inception, the Tbilisi Baroque Festival has played host to such luminaries of Baroque music as Jordi Savall, Christine Busch, Christoph Mayer, Davide Armadio, Jean Rondeau, the Academy for Early Music Berlin, and many others. 

A Variety of Experiences at the Festival

In addition to concerts, scientific and educational lectures are also given during the festival. World-famous musicians attending the festival also give masterclasses on the authentic way to play early music.

Detailed Information about Tbilisi Baroque Festival

Detailed information about the dates and participants of the Tbilisi Baroque Festival can be found on the festival’s Facebook page.


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