Tbilisi Chess Palace

Tbilisi Chess Palace

Chess has always been popular in Georgia, especially after the global successes of its female chess players. Five-time world champion Nona Gaprindashvili, who won the Women’s World Chess Championship for the first time in 1962, becoming a role model for up-and-coming generations of young chess players. According to the decision of the Soviet government at the time, the "Chess Palace and Alpine Club" built in 1973 in Vera Park was to be named after her.

History of the Building

The architects Vladimir Alexi-Meskhishvili and Germane Ghudushauri designed the building, while Aleksandre Slovinski, Oleg Kochakidze, and Yuri Chikvaidze took care of the decorating process.

Skillfully placed on complex terrain of a central public park, this three-story structure matched the proportions of the surrounding trees.

The perfectly-built functional and artistic interior is worthy of a quick trip on its own.

The building is truly an outstanding display of late Soviet modernism and an important architectural monument of Tbilisi.

The Building Today

The "Chess Palace and Alpine Club" continues to serve its purpose successfully. The first floor of the building houses the Alpine Club, while the second floor is home to the Georgian Chess Federation, founded in 1877. In addition to chess classes, local as well as international tournaments are frequently organized here.

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