Tbilisi Davit Aghmashnebli Ave 135

Tbilisi Davit Aghmashnebli Ave 135

The history of cinema started in 1895 when the Lumière brothers showed their first film in Paris. Within a year their films were premiering in Tbilisi as well. By 1912, when the first full Georgian documentary film, “Journey of Akaki” came out (dir. Vasil Amashukeli), there were already numerous locations for film showings in various regions of Georgia.

History of the Building

Among the cinemas of Tbilisi the former “Electrotheater Apollo” in Tbilisi, opened in 1909, has best retained its original structure. The cinema changed its name to “October” when Georgia was under the communist rule. After it was over in the 1990s, the building was sold. Government restoration underwent on the exterior of the building in the 2010s, and the façade finally featured the word “Apollo” again.

The Architecture of the Building

“Apollo” is located at the intersection of Davit Aghmashenebeli (135) and Ia Kargareteli Streets. It is one of the best examples of modern-style architecture in Georgia and is distinguished for both its impressive façades, as well as its artistically decorated interiors that were specially designed for the movie theater.

Since the modern style in both film and architecture was born and spread around Europe during the early 20th century, the movie theaters built in this architectural style were highly valued. There are few like this remaining in the world, and it is an honor to have the Tbilisi “Apollo” as one.

The Building Today

The owners of the “Apollo” announced an interior reconstruction project to the public a few years ago and it is currently underway. The project will feature entertainment and restaurant facilities, as well as a commercial movie theater.


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