Tbilisi Paragliding

If you have ever dreamed of having wings and soaring through the sky among the white clouds, you can give yourself this unforgettable experience by visiting Tbilisi Paragliding.

Where is Tbilisi Paragliding Located?

The Tbilisi Paragliding base is about 20 kilometers from the city centre in Patara Lilo, near Tbilisi Sea.

This area has been carefully studied for flying, and safety regulations are followed with special care. Any adult can go flying, with a weight limit of 120 kilograms in place for safety reasons.

A flight can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending on the weather.

How Should I Prepare Myself for Paragliding?

You do not need exhaustive athletic training to prepare for paragliding. A five-minute tutorial consisting of a few steps, and then you, along with your tandem-flier, will reach heights of 500 to 1,000 metres!

Keep in mind that the temperatures at 1,000 meters are about 10°C less than those on the ground, so even in summer you may need some extra layers, and in November you will definitely want to have a thick coat while you’re flying. If you don’t have those kinds of clothes with you, they do offer a rental service at the base.

Paragliding – An Unforgettable Experience

Taking pictures and videos during the flight is possible, but the pilot will do it for you, so you can focus on just enjoying the experience.

Paragliding is possible from April to November, weather permitting.

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