TelaVino – the Annual Kakheti Wine Festival

TelaVino – the Annual Kakheti Wine Festival

Georgia is the homeland of wine, so it stands to reason that there are many, many wine festivals. TelaVino is first among them. Held in the palace courtyard of Georgia’s favourite king, Erekle II, this Telavi based festival has been attracting winemakers and wine lovers since 2014.

The representatives of large wine factories and small family wine cellars alike gather in Telavi every autumn, offering visitors a sample of their very best wine and chacha. Their products will have gone through thorough blind tasting before being brought to the festival, so you can be absolutely sure that only the highest-quality wine is being poured into your glass!

But TelaVino is not just about the joy of wine.

In the palace courtyard, with a glass of fine Georgian wine in hand, you can acquaint yourself with Georgian culture and, if you so desire, buy handmade crafts and original Georgian souvenirs. You will hear Georgian polyphonic songs performed live on an outdoor stage, see lively Georgian dances, meet interesting people, and, of course, eat the most delicious examples of Georgian cuisine.

In short, there is everything that goes with wine here: good music, good people, and good food!

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