Tetra Cave – Natural Monument in Imereti

Tetra Cave – Natural Monument in Imereti

The Tetra Cave, 1.5 kilometers away from the resort town Tskaltubo, lies 80 meters above sea level in the wetlands of Imereti. This karst-carved natural monument was opened to tourists in 2021 and is known for the shapes and quantity of beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites.

About 15,000 artifacts, including those from the Paleolithic era, have been found in the cave. A copper arrowhead was also found, indicating the existence of ancient copper processing technology.

During the Soviet era, this cave used to be a training center for cosmonauts. Later, due to its healing potential and specific climate, the Tetra Cave was also used for treatment of patients suffering from bronchial asthma, cardiovascular system issues, and hypertension. 

Tetra is the first cave in Georgia, that was adapted for disabled people. It is equipped with fire and emergency safety systems, and there’s a modern external and internal lighting system is also installed in the cave.

There constant temperature in the cave is 13-14 degrees Celsius. This temperature level is ideal for wine aging. The cave has arranged wine storage where you can even taste it.

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