The 100-Step Staircase in Kutaisi

The 100-Step Staircase in Kutaisi

Every city has certain spots that own a special place in the hearts of its citizens: places where dates happen, where events are held, or that are simply adored for their convenient location or dazzling appearance.

For residents of Kutaisi, one such place is the 100-Step Staircase, which starts in the old city, specifically at the old Station Square, and heads down towards the old Balakhvani district.

The 100-Step Staircase was built between 1951 and 1952 in Kutaisi, designed by the city’s foremost architect, Shota Lomtadze. The construction of the staircase was in many ways a natural follow-up to the widening of Station Square at around that time.

The staircase is eight meters wide and is split down the middle by green space. On the sides, atop a stone railing, there are stone lamps. 

Seven decades on from its construction, the staircase  was renovated in 2021-2022.

Connecting two historical areas of Kutaisi, the 100-Step Staircase has over the years become a place where friends unite, where strangers meet, and sometimes where romance and relationships begin.

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