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The 14 Best Boutique Hotels In Tbilisi, Georgia

It’s hard to describe the emotions of Georgia to someone who isn’t familiar with this tiny, culture-filled country. Sitting between the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea, and the Caspian in the distance, Georgia is a place that’s uniquely its own. Its where European influences are as strong as those from Asia, the Middle East, and its Soviet past, and where the food is as distinctive as the wine, which is as dynamic and popular as ever. Which is precisely where Tbilisi’s boutique hotels shine. Taking this influence and combining it with Georgian charm and character, these 14 hotels are worthy of any traveler’s attention.
The 14 Best Boutique Hotels In Tbilisi, Georgia

With hotels like Stamba leading the charge and others like Communal redefining the standards of what it means to be a hotelier, Tbilisi’s boutique hotels are practically reason enough to get here and experience the emotions of Georgia for yourself.

Unfound Door

Original frescos abound, stepping into the Unfound Door hotel is like stepping back in time to rub elbows with the likes of Tbilisi’s eclectic elite. A place where the city’s influential creatives used to socialize, the energy inside these walls still exudes the same levels of inspiration. With only seven rooms, each with their own unique character – and all with amazing views – booking a stay here is as much an experience as it is walking down Aghmashenebeli Avenue outside.

111 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Building 111, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel has seven rooms and is located off of Agmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi’s Marjanishvili neighborhood. - UNFOUND DOOR

Communal Plekhanovi

Look for the most out of place building on Ninoshvili Street (and we say that with fondness) in the vibrant Chugureti neighborhood and you’ve found Communal Plekhanovi. With a style all their own, it’s the Communal brand aesthetic that sets it apart from other boutique hotels in the city. Not to mention, the downstairs restaurant, Weller, serves some of the best food in Tbilisi – especially come brunch time.

56 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Spacious well laid-out rooms provide a funky respite from the bustle of the Chugureti neighborhood outside. - COMMUNAL HOTELS

Bazzar Boutique Hotel

One of the newest hotels to open in Tbilisi, the Bazzar Boutique Hotel’s Beetlejuice meets Miami Vice vibes somehow work, perfectly reflecting the area's rich, enigmatic history. Blue walls are accompanied by vibrant orange and white tiled bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the busy street life of Orbeliani Square outside. With 20 guestrooms and suites onsite, a restaurant and bar, and Orbeliani Square and the Flower Market just out the front door, the hotel is as much a living, breathing part of this community-first neighborhood as the locals who call it home.

3 Pkhovi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel has 20 guestrooms and suites and is located next to the newly revitalized Orbeliani Square. - BAZZAR BOUTIQUE HOTEL

The House Hotel Old Tbilisi

Another new addition to Tbilisi, and the newest opening in the historic Old Tbilisi neighborhood, the House Hotel is a charming and delightful place to spend your nights – and your days. With 17 rooms all stylishly adorned with murals hand painted by local artist Musya Qeburia, the House Hotel has no shortage of picture-worthy spaces. The outside Blue Fox garden restaurant where guests can take their breakfast, or stop in for happy hour and dinner, included.

15 Chakhrukhadze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel has 17 rooms and a beautiful courtyard restaurant, Blue Fox. - HOUSE HOTELS

The 10

With one of the best tucked away restaurants and bars in Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda neighborhood, The 10 is one of those places that hides in plain sight – and is a total joy to discover when you do. Near the Parliament Building and Rustaveli Avenue, the hotel’s rooms are more like staying in a friend’s house than a hotel – cozy and warm and uniquely Georgian. With the hospitality to match.

10 Zurab Zvania Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Located near the Parliament Building, the hotel is within walking distance to many of the city’s museums, shops, and restaurants. - THE 10

g.Vino City Wine Hotel

When a hotel’s motto is “in wine we trust,” you know you’re in good hands. Located on the city’s left bank, near the Mtkvari River, the hotel is a self-proclaimed boutique hotel dedicated to the world of natural wine. Living up to its name, the hotel is the place for oenophiles alike to taste rare vintages alongside fellow connoisseurs, and to learn about Georgia’s wine culture from the experts. When the bottles are empty and it’s time to tuck in, who wouldn’t want to open the door to one of these Wes Anderson-reminiscent rooms?

82 Dimitri Uznadze St, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

With six different room types designed by interior designer and architect Zviad Surguladze, the hotel perfectly preserves the history of the building while giving it a seamlessly modern updat

Kisi Boutique Hotel

With unbeatable views of the city and nestled between Narikala Fortress and Abanotubani, Tbilisi’s famed sulfur bath area, Kisi Boutique Hotel is where you check in to check out. Spend your mornings relaxing on your terrace overlooking the most historical parts of the city, and feel free to bring your furry best friend. The hotel is pet-friendly, which is convenient with the sprawling open spaces of the National Botanical Gardens just up the road.

17 Botanical Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Nestled between Narikala Fortress and Abanotubani, the hotel’s location is ideal for exploring the historical parts of the city. - KISI BOUTIQUE HOTEL

Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

Not only is the Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique Hotel centrally located and stylish beyond compare, but the hotel is also one of only a few on this list that boasts a pool and sauna – a rare treat in Tbilisi. Take a morning dip to start your day or an evening soak to get off your feet after a day of exploring, and be sure to head to the hotel’s restaurant, Melograno, for a feast for the senses from one of the best kitchens in town.

1 Taras Shevchenko Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Book a Relaxation Room for the bathtub or a Traveler’s Room for the value – this is the room category that’s the best value for the money. - SHOTA @ RUSTAVELI BOUTIQUE HOTEL

Sandali Metekhi Boutique Hotel

With a prime spot overlooking the Mktvari and with Europe Square and Rike Park both within walking distance, Sandali Metekhi Boutique Hotel is a surprisingly luxurious stay in this part of Tbilisi. Known for their suites – you can’t miss the 50 square meter Suite with a Terrace, Glass Suite, or Deluxe Outside Bathtub room – the 24 room hotel also offers a pillow menu, free early check-in and check-out, a welcome drink, and free transfers to the hotel from the airport.

23 Viktor Jorbenadze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel’s suites are some of the most popular in town. - TBILISI LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTELS

Timber Boutique Hotel

With 36 rooms in a cozy industrial setting, Timber Boutique Hotel is uniquely set away from the tourist-heavy parts of the city. With a more residential feel, the hotel is perfect for getting to know a different side of Tbilisi, and Georgia’s Soviet past. Within walking distance of the hotel, you have places like Stalin’s Underground Printing House Museum, one of the more obscure – and Communist-heavy – places to visit on a trip to Georgia, as well as Battleground shooting range and Lech Kaczynski Garden, an odd ode to the former President of Poland.

37 Aleksandre Khakhanashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel has 36 rooms and is located between Avlabari and Isani neighborhood. - TIMBER HOTELS

Hotel Abanotubani

A hotel with soaking tubs and views of the city’s famous sulfur baths below? Say no more. While we typically think of summer as the best time to visit Tbilisi, Hotel Abanotubani gives reason to visit come Tbilisi’s (albeit mild) colder winter months. Step outside and into one of the private domed sulfur baths below – Gulo’s Thermal Spa is a favorite, as well as Chreli Abano with its famous blue mosaic exterior. After your sulfur bath, grab a meal at Culinarium Khasheria and go for a bowl of spicy khashi, this combination is known to cure even the worst of Georgian hangovers.

3/9 Ioseb Grishashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Book a Superior King Room for its soaking tub and views of Abanotubani, Tbilisi’s famous sulfur bath area, below. - HOTEL ABANOTUBANI

Alphabet Hotel

With a fun-loving playfulness making it worthy of a stay in Tbilisi, Alphabet Hotel is a bit off the beaten path, which makes it a hidden gem for travelers looking for a more local experience. With industrial chic meets retro vibes, the hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Avlabari Metro station, and a short ride away from Freedom Square and Rustaveli Avenue. It’ll be hard to check out from the hotel when it’s time to leave, this is one of those places that immediately feels like home.

3 Telavi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel’s fun-loving playfulness make it a bright spot in the city’s Avlabari neighborhood. -ALPHABET HOTEL

TbiliSee Hotel

In the heart of Old Tbilisi, on the neighborhood’s buzzing Betlemi Street, TbiliSee Hotel lives up to the “see” part in the hotel’s name. With the Museum of Illusions just up the street, as well as Gallery 27, and the funkiness of Frida’s Café just around the corner, this is where you want to stay if you’re looking to feel inspired. Fill your soul with the views from the hotel’s rooftop terrace and walk the streets to take in the creative energy all around you. Don’t be afraid to stop into any café, bar, or restaurant that calls your name, they all have something special to offer.

24 Betlemi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

The hotel (in the foreground) sits in the heart of Old Tbilisi, an easily walkable neighborhood with plenty to see and explore. - TBILISEE HOTEL

Stamba Hotel

No list of Tbilisi’s best hotels – boutique or otherwise – is complete without Stamba. The pinnacle of cool in Tbilisi and the most sought after stay in town, Stamba’s lively café, outdoor amphitheater, vertical gardens, and past life as a Soviet-era publishing house make it a place that always has a new – and even more exciting than the last – story to tell. Spend your evenings sipping negronis at the pink bar, browse the exhibits at the upper floor Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum, or grab a hot desk at the soon to open D Block collaborative co-working space and get lost in the magic of Tbilisi without ever needing to step outside.

14 Merab Kostava Street, Tbilisi, Georgia; Book now on

Stamba Hotel’s industrial-chic aesthetic is highlighted with swanky brass soaking tubs and showers. - STAMBA HOTEL

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Published : 2 Mar, 2023
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