The Black Lake

The Black Lake

If you love adventure tourism and picnics, then you should definitely go see Black Lake. This gorgeous place, draped in greenery, is located 11.5 kilometers from Goderdzi Pass, 1,900 meters above sea level, in the direction of the famous Green Lake.

The Black Lake is surrounded by an alpine forest and marshland plants. Due to the lack of suitable roads for vehicles, Black Lake is one of the most comfortable and convenient places for people who love picnics, camping, and adventure tours. 

It is possible to get to the Black Lake two ways, with one route beginning at Goderdzi Pass, visiting Green Lake and the Alma summer huts, and finishing at the lake, or beginning from Danisparauli Village, passing the Didachara and Alma summer huts, and finishing with a hike through the forest.

Either path to the lake goes through a forest massif, which may also be crossed using an off-road car. The path itself is every bit as charming and beautiful as the destination, and those who complete the hike are rewarded with the beauty of the pristine lake.

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