The Khobistkali River Vally at Mukhuri (Shurubumu)

The Khobistkali River Vally at Mukhuri (Shurubumu)

The valley of the Khobistskali, one of the most important rivers in western Georgia, is famous for its untouched nature, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and massive cavern halls. It can be said that these are the jungles of Georgia. Among those caverns, Shurubumu is one of the most visited. It is a popular speleosight, located near Mukhuri Village in the Khobistkali River valley, which is a part of Chkhorotsku Municipality.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Makes Shurubumu Special?

The place is often visited in the spring, summer, and autumn by travellers and hikers who are interested in speleotourism. 

You will get to Shurubumu from Mukhuri village. The magic starts on the way already. The mountain and forest paths leading to the cave cross over mossy boulders, with unique, thousand-year-old Colchic box tree groves all around and little waterfalls rumbling here and there.

Finally, you will cross a wooden suspension bridge and come to the main sight, the karst cave Shurubumu, also known as Sulganabuli (meaning “with bated breath”).

The cave combines an entire system of underground rivers, lakes and dozens of kilometer-long corridors. It fills up completely with water in the spring, and that water then drips through cracks in the cave. Here you will see stalactites, stalagmites, and other interesting formations.

Shurubumu Cave is still being studied, with Georgian and foreign scientists working on the research together, so many secrets are still hiding there.

Please note that for a trip to the cave, you must be accompanied by a certified guide and have special equipment.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.

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