The Monastery at Elia Mountain

The Monastery at Elia Mountain

Four kilometers away from Bolnisi (Kvemo Kartli Region), on the road leading up to Bolnisis Sioni church, on a rocky mountain, stands a monastery complex that was named after the apostles, Peter and Paul.
Kvemo Kartli

Saint Peter and Paul’s Apostolic Church once stood in this location. Nowadays, only the foundation remains. A new crossed-dome church was built over the old one between 2008 and 2015. The local population actively participated in the reconstruction of the church and the icon-painter Mikael Ghoghoberidze, painted the altar.

The complex includes the crossed-dome church, a bell tower, a refectory, and a wine cellar, all surrounded by a double wall. 

Today, it is an active monastery, and church service is held every day. There is a lovely view of all of Bolnisi and the nearby villages from the yard. Travel to the monastery along a scenic  paved road.

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