The National Museum of Georgia

The National Museum of Georgia

If you’re intrigued by Georgia’s long and fascinating history, the Simon Janashia State Museum is a must-see. Possessing one of the largest collections of artifacts in the country, the museum has representations of virtually every era of Georgian and Caucasian history. Its collections contain monuments of both natural and cultural heritage, bringing ancient and modern history to life before your eyes.

Located on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, the museum was opened in the 1920s. Today, their museum houses a rich collection of materials representing the natural and cultural history of Georgia, the Caucasus, and the Near East.

The collection includes archaeological relics from the Stone Age right up through until the end of antiquity, including materials representing medieval civic life, industry, agriculture, revolutionary movements, the Soviet period, and modern accomplishments. There are also collections dedicated to ethnography, coins, unique monuments, and more.

The museum’s crown jewel is a collection of documents from the 16th century to today, including books printed by the church, gospels printed in 1809 at the publishing house of King Vakhtang VI, belles lettres, 19th-century periodicals, and more. 

There are also periodic themed exhibitions taking place within the museum’s modern exhibition area.

The yard of this impressive museum is dedicated to education, and there is also a cafe and bookstore on site.

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