The Poti Valerian Gunia State Drama Theater

Poti State Drama Theater was founded in 1882, a time when theater and writing were the main tools for revealing and developing Georgian national consciousness. Thus, the establishment of the theater is considered the most crucial event for Poti.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What does the Poti Valerian Gunia State Drama Theater offer?

The first plays performed in the theater were Akaki Tsereteli's "Sulkiness" and Aleksandre Tutaev's "Sophio". For years, the troupe performed in the Poti cathedral. After the Sovietization of Georgia, the cathedral closed and it was given to the Poti Theater.

In 1963, the Poti theater was named after the outstanding Georgian actor, director, playwright, and critic Valerian Gunia.

The new building for the Poti Valerian Gunia Professional State Theater opened on May 31st, 2014. It was built in a modern architectural style that seats 607 people. It only has one big stage with a high ceiling and excellent acoustics. 


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