The Stalin Museum in Gori

The Stalin Museum in Gori

Joseph Stalin is a man that needs no introduction. The infamous leader of the Soviet Union and a key figure in the Second World War, Stalin had humble roots, being born in the Georgian city of Gori. The first museum dedicated to Stalin was actually opened during his lifetime, and it still operates to this day.
Shida Kartli

What You Will See at the Stalin Museum

The Stalin Museum contains more than 40,000 exhibits detailing the life of the Soviet era’s cruelest ruler. There are six exhibition halls in all. The first shows Stalin’s life before and during the Bolshevik revolution, while the second acquaints you with the history of the Soviet Union between 1925 and 1940. The third hall is reserved for photographs of historic events, the fourth for one of Stalin’s bronze death mask, the fifth for gifts given to Stalin during his life, and the sixth as a copy of the office Stalin worked in from 1918 to 1922.

The Stalin Museum Recently

In 2010, a seventh room was added to the museum, showing exhibits from the period of repression. You’ll find many moving accounts of the crimes endured by victims of Stalin’s policies in this hall.

No student of history can miss the opportunity to visit what is not only a museum devoted to one of history’s most influential men, but also a place where he lived and worked.


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