Titsian Tabidze House-Museum

Titsian Tabidze House-Museum

He refused to publicly denounce his repressed friend, Paolo Iashvili, so he was charged with anti-Soviet activities, arrested, and killed. The poet Titsian Tabidze, author of beautiful poems, was murdered by the Stalinists in 1937.

Titsian Tabidze was a symbolist, one of the founders of the revitalizing Georgian poetic movement called “the Blue Horns”. He was born in the village of Chkvishi and it is here that a house-museum dedicated to his life and legacy is located today.

The museum is spread across three rooms of the traditional wooden house that Titsian once called home. Within, you will find displays of Titsian’s photography, as well as objects from his life.

The house itself is a museum exhibit, as it is an exceptional representation of Georgian life in the 19th and 20th centuries, with balustraded balconies on the front and rear, well-ordered rooms, and a fireplace in a shared wall which opens to all the rooms. There is a granary and a kitchen in the backyard, as well as a pavilion attached to the façade.

In addition to standing as a memorial, the Titsian Tabidze House-Museum also encourages future generations of poets by running educational programs and holding literature exhibitions. It is a fascinating window not only into the life of this influential poet, but also into the oppression that took place under Russian rule.

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