Tsachkhuri Archangel Church

Tsachkhuri Archangel Church

This small church is hidden on the green mountain slopes near Tsachkhuri village, in 1.5 hour drive from Zugdidi and a 30 minutes drive from Martvili, the main tourist hubs of Samegrelo Region. It is believed to have been a protector of family and fertility since ancient times.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Pagan Background of the Site

According to historical sources, the Tsachkhuri Fortress and the pagan idol Moske ("Moske-Tsachkhuri" means “giver of sons” in the Megrelian language) were erected on this site. Here, the village elders performed  rituals and the people participating in it begged the idol to give them a child.

The Legend of Tsachkhuri Archangel Church  

According to legend, after the spread of Christianity, St. Andrew the Apostle erected a stone cross on this site, and in the 7th century a temple was built, although only a monumental-type church, renovated in the 18th century, survives. The icon of Tsachkhuri Archangel is kept here, which is called “Moske-Tsachkhuri.”

Tsachkhuri Archangel Church Today 

Every year, on the fourth day of Easter – on Thursday of Easter Week - the village celebrates the holiday "Tsachkhuroba." Pilgrims come here from all over Georgia, mostly childless couples who attend a service held especially for them and they receive the eucharist. Then, they are invited to a meal prepared on behalf of the diocese.

Amazing views of the Tekhuri River Valley can be enjoyed from a special place by the monastery. This river is among the most beautiful in Georgia, with its distinctive winds and bends.

After visiting the church, you can also see Tsachkhuri Waterfall and have a pleasant walk in greenery. After all, Samegrelo is all about bountiful nature!

Another must visit in the vicinity is the summer residence of local nobility, Dadiani family, in the village of Salkhino, where one can still get a sense of the Georgian aristocratic lifestyle of the 19th century.

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