Tsakatskarish Lake

Tsakatskarish Lake

Due to its wonderful color and impressive location, Tsakatskarish Lake attracts the attention of professional hikers. Tsakatskarish Lake is located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region, on the Egrisi Ridge, 2,580 meters above sea level.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

There is no proper hiking trail to get to Tsakatskarish Lake, so this route is for professional hikers only. Even if you are experienced enough, be careful and make sure you have proper hiking gear. 

If you cannot get close to Tsakatskarish Lake, enjoy its views from a more distant point, till where the path goes. This place is very beautiful and wild. You can see a glacier descending into the lake from the east side.

There are three more lakes near Tsakatskarish Lake - Didghalish Lake, Kalashish Lake, and Tsashkibulish Lake. If you want to visit all of them, your hike is going to take about 5-6 days.

Despite the difficulty of the trail leading to the them, the lakes are popular hiking destinations and are constantly visited by nature lovers. In July, August, and until the middle of September, you will find many tents around the lakes, since it is the best time for hiking. Hear the sound of the Magana river waterfall, see the majestic mountains rising above you, and visit the alpine flower-covered meadows.

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