Tsashkibuli Lake

Tsashkibuli Lake

This mysterious lake is located in Samegrelo Region, on the Egrisi ridge, 2,556 meters above sea level. According to the legend, the servants of pagan idols could climb up to the sky with an invisible ladder. "Tsashkibuli" in Megrelian means a ladder to the sky.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Locals say that the water of Tsashkibuli lake has mystical power and should not be touched. If you try to, the local guide will raise an eyebrow and say "vashiner!", meaning, “you cannot, it’s forbidden.” in Megrelian.

Didghalish Toba, Kalashish Toba, and Tsakatskarish Toba lakes are all within a 5-kilometer radius of Tsashkibuli. Despite the difficult road, many hikers go to this constellation of lakes and, among them, Tsashkibulish Toba. Hire a local guide for safety, knowledge and fun facts. 

Tsashkibulish Toba is often called heaven on earth with its blue water lost between mountains and rocks.

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