Tserakvi Monastery Complex

Tserakvi Monastery Complex

Numerous historic monuments and pristine nature can be thoroughly enjoyed at this beautiful sight in the village of Tserakvi (Kvemo Kartli Region), located 80 kilometers away from Tbilisi. Tserakvi is also the Georgian word for “pickaxe,” an essential tool for working on the village’s rocky terrain. This is presumably how the village got its name.
Kvemo Kartli

Found in a quiet place, at the edge of a lush forest, Tserakvi Monastery Complex amazes visitors with its remarkable architecture. The complex belongs to the 12th-13th centuries and is located in the village of Tserakvi.

The complex unites a triple-nave hall-type church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin, the medieval church of St. George’s, a gate, a bell tower, a wine cellar, and an auxiliary building. The complex is surrounded by a stone wall, that is supported by round bulwarks.

The main structure of the Tserakvi complex is the church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgi, a lightly-coloured building with three naves, and arched gates that are elaborately decorated. The St. George’s Church belongs to the 16th-17th centuries, and a hall-type church of the Archangel Michael was built in the 10th century. 

The monastery complex underwent renovations from 2004 to 2010, and nowadays there is an active monastery.

Besides the Tserakvi Monastery Complex, you can also visit the medieval Didi Mzis Guli Fortress and its hall-type church around the village.

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