Tskaltubo Sanatorium – “Tskaltubo Spa Resort”

Tskaltubo Sanatorium – “Tskaltubo Spa Resort”

Georgia has no shortage of beautiful spa resorts, but Tskaltubo stands out due to the presence of the magnificent old sanatoriums that dot the resort. One of these is the Tskaltubo Health Sanatorium, otherwise known as Tskaltubo Spa Resort. Located in a historic building with forested grounds that sprawl over sixteen hectares, it is an oasis of calm to which you can escape.

The sanatorium’s domed architecture, well-equipped interiors, refreshing outdoor pool, and abundant green spaces are sure to put anyone in a good mood. Despite being in the center of the city, you’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked away to the countryside.

The resort is just a five or six-minute walk from the spring for Healing & Rehabilitation Centre #6. These springs are used in the treatment of circulatory, skeletal, nervous system, and skin conditions.

Both the sanatorium and Tskaltubo Resort have everything you’ll need for physical rejuvenation and comfortable relaxation. Thanks to their thermal, radon mineral water baths and the fresh, pine air, you can regain your energy and distress.

Of course, Tskaltubo is more than just its healing waters. There are many sights to see nearby, including Tsivi Lake, Tetra Cave, Tskaltubo Park, also Prometheus Cave, the House-Museum of great Georgian author Otia Ioseliani, Tskaltubo Local Museum and more.

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