Tsvermagala Park

Tsvermagala Park

Tsvermagala park is spread on two levels over four hectares of land, located between the two resorts of Shekvetili and Ureki in Guria Region.

History of Tsvermagala Park

Tsvermagala combines the best of the lush vegetation of the swamp that it once was with the attractions of a specially curated park, making it the perfect place to relax. 

On the first level, you will find giant indigeneous cypress trees that stretch up to 30-40 meters high, as well as tulip trees, camphor trees, bamboo alley, and an artificial lake surrounded by cedar trees, magnolias and willows.

Closer to the lake you will find bungalows and small wooden houses, where you can stay. 

The second level offers a mandarin garden and stunning views of the sea and the only dendrological park in the Caucasus. To arrive, you must climb a 197-step staircase, but don't be lazy – what awaits will make it worth your while! 

It is difficult to convey the fragrance of Tsvermagala Park and the singing of birds in words - you have to experience it yourself.

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