Tusheti Horse Riding

Tusheti Region sits at high altitude, its mountains reaching 4,800 m above sea level, and promises unspeakable vistas. Horse riding is perhaps the best way to experience this enchanting area, with many such tours offered.  

Tushetian Horses

Tushetian horses are among the oldest breeds in Georgia, distinguished by endurance, a good sense of orientation, courage, and caution, all of which helps them to move safely in the mountains.

Tushetian horses are relatively small however they may carry loads of 100-120 kg across 100-120 km in 12 hours on mountain paths, and can do so even at the age of 25 years. 

Tushetian horses offer unmatched riding experiences. Of their specific breeds, the ambler horse is particularly enjoyable to ride.  

Over the centuries, Tushetian people lived between mountains and valleys, with horses serving as the principal form of transport. They would routinely bring gifts from the mountains to more inhabited lands and then take food back to the mountains.  

The shepherd dwellings in Tusheti cannot be reached by car, so luggage is of course carried by the faithful horse.

Horse-riding Paths for Tourists 

The villages and gorges of Tusheti are connected by paths, as their populations travel between them by foot or horse.

Today, these paths allow for wonderful horse-riding and walking routes from village to village or gorge to gorge, and across the ridges.   

Omalo serves as the principal base for horses. However, you would be advised to pre-order horses from a local guide when planning a tour for a couple of days. The guide will also explain in detail all safety instructions.  

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