Primeval forests, alpine meadows, glittering lakes, cascading waterfalls, and a wealth of historical and cultural monuments await you in the Adigeni Municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti.
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What is There to See in Adigeni?

Adigeni Municipality is most famous for Goderdzi Fossil Forest, which dates back to the Pliocene Epoch, which stretches back 5.333 million to 2.58 million years. The forest preserves fossil impressions of tropical plants, which were buried in ash due to powerful volcanic eruptions. If you’ve ever wondered what it might have been like to wander the earth in the time of dinosaurs, the Fossil Forest shows it in the best possible way.

Other remarkable natural landmarks include Jaji Lake and the Triala Lakes, Chule Waterfall, the spring pasturelands on the border, and Kotatba Lake. Those looking to experience Georgia’s natural beauty will be spoiled for choice.

Abastumani Mountain & Balneological Resort

Abastumani Mountain & Balneological Resort is the perfect place for relaxation. It was famous for its microclimate beneficial for treatment of tuberculosis and arthritis during the 19th century. The healing waters are still working their miracles today.

You’ll also find a historical astrophysical observatory in Abastumani, where adults and children alike can gasp in wonder as they take in views of the moon and planets.

Cultural Monuments in Adigeni Municipality 

Like all regions of Georgia, Adigeni Municipality is blessed with a wealth of historical and cultural monuments. These include:

  • The 14th-century Zarzma Monastery,

  • 14th-century Chule Monastery,

  • The church in Ijareti Village, whose bell tower dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest in Georgia;

  • Okros Tsikhe, one of the oldest and largest fortresses in Georgia, built on a high rocky cliff close to the village of Bolajuri;

  • Zanavi Fortress, a medieval fortress built on a steep cliff.

As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in Adigeni Municipality. From soaking in healing springs to outdoor activities and the wonders of the past and future, there is something for all ages.

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