The Gudamakari area of Kazbegi Municipality is one rich in history, folklore, and oral literature. Choki is an ancient village situated at the base of mountains which jut proudly into the sky, and is an excellent example of how Georgia’s historic and cultural heritage is preserved in its villages and small towns.
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Cultural Heritage in Chokhi Village

An example of Chokhi’s preservation of its past is the presence of Pirimze Pudzis Angelozi Church, a small, mortared-stone church that exemplifies the stoic endurance and piety of the local people.

If you take the path that winds up from the ancient village, you’ll come across the Chokhi St. George Church, where a holy relic of the Gudamakarians, the Pirimze Icon, was once kept. This was a cross framed in silver and decorated with the Mkhedruli script and a depiction of St George.

What Makes Chokhi Village Special?

The Georgian writer, screenwriter, and film director Goderdzi Chokheli, was born and raised in Chokhi Village. His work is acclaimed both in Georgia and outside of her borders. The writer’s house-museum is also in this village.

Gudamakarian traditional cooking is also interesting, and in Chokhi Village there is a decades-old tradition of brewing beer.

In Chokhi Village and its surroundings there are excellent conditions for adventure tourism, especially white water rafting on the Black Aragvi River in the spring and summer.

For photographers and nature lovers, autumn in Gudamakari sees the region painted in shades of red, orange, and gold by the fall foliage.

At just one hundred kilometres from Tbilisi, Chokhi Village makes an excellent day trip or overnight adventure.

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