Danisparauli – A Village in Mountainous Ajara

If you’re a romantic at heart, Georgia is a country you’ll instantly fall in love with. A country steeped in romantic myths and legends, Georgia has no shortage of fascinating tales of star-crossed love, brotherly love, and the love between friends. One such story can be uncovered in the village of Danisparauli in mountainous Ajara.
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The Legend of Danisparauli

It is said that Georgia’s Queen Tamar, once came to visit the church here. In honour of her visit, a banquet was held, at which Tamar took out her knife to cut an apple. Later, she could not find the knife at the table, even when she asked her subjects to help her locate it.

Later, it was found that a local boy had taken the knife to give to his sweetheart, swearing his fidelity “on the edge of a knife” (danis pirze in Georgian). That is how the village got its name.

The History of Danisparauli

Danisparauli, like much of Georgia, has a long and storied history. The village’s history stretches back at least five centuries, as evidenced by the long-abandoned houses and the ruins of a church. The village is especially proud of their antique stone oven, which is about two hundred years old. According to the locals, they used to bake bread and dry fruit and corn in this oven.

Danisparauli Resort

The village is also part of the Khulo - Goderdzi - Green Lake - Beshumi tourist route.

In the summer the old Ajarian houses are enclosed by pine forests, while the mountainsides are ringed all around by colourful meadow flowers, meaning there are many places to go for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

In the winter the village wears a cloak of white, and it starts to look like the black and white canvas of an artist. Skiing is a popular pastime at this time of year, with professional guides available, a ski school in the village, and even a 200-metre cable car to access the slopes. 

Regardless of the season, you can spend the night in a family hotel in Danisparauli, affording you a chance to sample the delicious local cuisine.

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