Garikula village is located in Shida Kartli, Kaspi municipality, at the confluence of Tskhaveristskali river. Garikula is full of history, beginning at the point where Tskhaveristskali river meets the village, where archaeologists discovered a feudal age samarovani (burial ground),.
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Church of Saint George of Favnisi

Garikula is home to the ancient church of Saint George of Favnisi is located in Garikula, which dates back to the IX-X centuries AD. The church consists of a central nave with no aisles, where two layers of painting fragments have been preserved, showing how well developed painting was in Georgia. The lower layer, which dates back to when the church was built, on the north wall now consists of coloured stains and the figure of a crowned man with open arms. In the conch of the altar, the second layer of painting, which belongs to the second half of the XII century, depicts   a prayer and the figures of the twelve apostles. Below is the image of ten church fathers and two deacons. 

Above the altar window, in a panel, is a cross, while the Mandilisai Icon sits below it. The frescoes of the church depict religious holidays and episodes from the life of St. George in a vibrant range of colours. 

Garikula Citadel and Castles

Garikula also hosts a four-story watchtower which was built in the second half of the VII century, allowing its occupants to protect the Tshaveritskali gorge from their enemies. The tower has a fireplace, windows and fortifications. 

Garikula is also home to the Marshliant Castle of the Tarkhnishvili family, which is a cultural heritage monument. This two-story building was built with cobblestones in the XIX century, and, unusually, includes a double-domed bath.

Art lovers should head for Bolgarski’s Castle of the Polish Prince, a monument of national significance built in 1885. Now home to “Art-Villa Garikula”, a regional modern art centre, it hosts international exhibitions and festivals.


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