Gobroneti - A Tourist Destination of Mountainous Ajara

Only fifteen families permanently live in Gobroneti, in mountainous Ajara. This ancient village of mountainous Ajara attracts a lot of tourists and is located just 55 kilometres away from Batumi.
Distance to the location by road from:
7:00 hr
1:05 hr
3:45 hr

Road and sights from Keda to Gobroneti waterfall

Gobroneti is 800 meters above sea level and is great to visit at any time of the year. For extreme sports lovers, the place is ideal for skiing and snow adventures.

There is public transport from Batumi to Gobroneti, but it‘s best to travel by taxi or by car. It is only 10 kilometers from Keda to Gobroneti but, it usually takes around an hour and fifteen minutes. There are many sites to see along the way, like the Makhuntseti waterfall, the Tamar bridge, and the Zvare church. If you will need it, employees of the Keda Tourist Information Centre are ready to help you to plan the trip. 

Hotels, kitchen, farming

One of the first family hotels in Ajara opened in Gobroneti. Today, there are many family hotels and most of them offer traditional Ajarian dishes. If you wish so,  you can even participate in their preparation, or you can make cheese, distill vodka, and chop tobacco.

Ecological farming is well-developed in Gobroneti. Locals do poultry farming, horticulture, gardening, and beekeeping. These products are readily available for purchase. If you are interested in agriculture, local craftsmen will also teach you the traditional methods of ironwork, basket and fabric weaving.

Entertainment and adventure

Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing - you can do it all in Gobroneti. In general, you should stay for more than 24 hours to have an immersive experience. It will take one day to explore the surroundings of the village alone. Circular footpaths will lead you to waterfalls, the Colchis forest and the vicinity of mountain Latevri.

There are plenty of picnic and camping spots in the area, but the mountain slopes here are quite steep, so plan your hikes with a guide and prepare accordingly – wear sports clothes and shoes, take a trekking pole, water and a first aid kit.

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