Stand in beautiful courtyards of centuries-old Colchis houses, built with rare types of wood. The open balconies are carved with unique ornaments, with images of crosses, birds, and animals on the facades. Walk through the streets of this small village as if you were in a museum.
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Where is Gogolati?

This village in Ambrolauri municipality stands on the banks of the Shareula river, and boasts a 250-year-long history. Thanks to the unique houses, in 2019 Gogolati was included in the National List of Cultural Heritage Monuments.

Settled between the Racha mountains, Gogolati is also known for other natural sights such as the Shareula river valley, karst caves, canyons, and waterfalls. It is particularly beautiful in late autumn and early spring.

What else will we see in Gogolati?

Kvikhiti, also known as Kvakhidi - is a natural stone bridge, stuck between rocks, on top of a canyon cut by the Shareuli river.

Otkhtita - a small room of several square meters made in the rock in the Shareula valley, where torches were lit to warn the people during enemy invasions. There were several similar spots in the Shareula valley which ensured the quick warning of the locals.

To the east of Gogolati, 1.5 km away, on the right bank of the Shareuli valley, is the Gogolati cave at the head of a steep slope disguised by a leafy forest. It is rich in chemical deposits, and stalactites and stalagmites are scattered on the walls and ceiling.

After viewing these wonders, it is time to treat yourself to some delicious foods. Racha locals  like to spend time on their balconies, treating guests with Racha dishes, including ham, beans, and the world-famous Khvanchkara or other local wines.

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